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General Health and Safety

General Health and Safety Programs are taught by qualified OSHA trainers in the 10 and 30 Hour Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry and Construction. These courses meet all OSHA requirements and can be custom designed for the audience.

These training programs are prerequisites for entry into many sites.

Confined Space / High Angle Rescue

Confined Space / High Angle Rescue is taught by some of the best instructors throughout the country.  They have spent countless hours developing techniques applicable to the industrial environment and selecting gear that does the same.  If they can't find the exact piece of equipment needed they develop there own and patent it!

Many industrial teams also hold other positions at the site and, at times, only train 8 hours a year.  This creates unique training opportunities as the team must be safe first, then capable of handling the incident.  We understands this requirement and have systems developed so teams can succeed. 

Recently our instructors were involved in a multi-skilled, multi-jurisdictional rescue of a trapped EPA inspector at a local industrial site.

Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response Training focuses on the Incident Command System and how the modular design fits into local, state, and federal response plans. Our Emergency Response to Terrorism training is integrated with our Spill Response Training. This gives the trainee the framework to allow him to work within the different systems and safely handle any event.

Spill Response Training

Spill Response Training focuses on hazardous materials incidents and the multitude of skills required for resolution. Our instructors have many years of combined experience from local industry and emergency response teams. Several of these instructors were instrumental in the early development of the West Virginia Regional Response Team training and are still active members.


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